As a high performance agency we always aspire to add value to what already exists, to improve a reality or even to build a new one to positively impact results.

We innovate in every step we take, adjust processes and improve practices. We learn, constantly evolve and implement those tools that allow us to execute better marketing and innovate in communication channels.

New technologies and new methods that imply a significant improvement.

Our drivers

Hurrah technology

Lets talk about sustainability

We create experiences

Look for operational improvements

Design new programs

Operational marketing

We innovate to improve every work routine.

By applying innovation in team management, task execution and data analysis, we build a new way of working.

Innovation in the sales team management

Value4sales is a complete and unique work system based on its own tool

Coordinating the actions of the field team is complex. Having a channel through which to launch orders and obtain data is essential.

We developed Value4Sales not as a reporting tool, but as a comprehensive management system for the sales force and the point of sale.

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Innovation in Task Execution

Improving processes through image recognition – Caher Image Recognition –

Many hours are spent collecting information from shelves. And increasingly, more and more decisions are made with this information: stock-outs, promotional control.

It is no longer just a matter of saving time but also of guaranteeing the quality of the data.

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Promotional marketing

Promotions are taking up more and more space both on the shelves and in our pockets. And in our brains, they consume energy.

Technology and data are our allies to innovate in promotional activity.

Welcome to Omnichannel sales and consulting - Click2Sales -

It allows us to digitize the commercial service without losing the humanization.

A technology that helps the customer and the commercial process. The customer connects with the advisor from anywhere: in their navigation, from home or from the retailer.

A single platform that supports all channels.

We are moving towards omnichannel contact, but humanized. Forget about faceless platforms. Thanks to technology, we can talk face-to-face with experts.

Specialists will be accessible at all times. When and from wherever you need them.


Data as the new protagonist - Caher analytics -

The teams are going to execute the campaigns because it is their job, but they have to bring the data because it is strategic

The information has to be collected productively. It has to be analyzed efficiently.

We innovate to do this with fewer resources and less time. Keeping the focus on promotion at all times.

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Creative marketing

These are concepts that look good. But designing them has as much value as implementing them.

It’s not just the image, it’s also the discourse and the execution.

Design campaigns, impacts, messages, concepts

Rounded concepts to captivate increasingly contested attention

A perfect combination of aesthetic experience, representing brand values and achieving results.

Whether to increase views, generate good impacts, increase recall or drive traffic.

In short, to generate ACTION.

Relational Marketing

We generate disruptive initiatives that help to give personality to your brand

Proposals that reinforce links.

The revolution in customer dynamics

We rely on the latest trends to design better experiences in Events and Loyalty or Gamification programs

We incorporate new elements such as e-sports, metaverse, or virtual reality. But tomorrow they will be others.

The challenge will always be to mix learning, networking and entertainment in a unique and surprising way.

Informing is no longer communicating

We design programs to communicate with your audience

It’s getting more and more complicated. Many channels, new consumer habits and changing trends.

It is important to create brand identity through communication. Design a map of impacts, coherence between channels, digitalization and differentiation.

We do not inform customers. We connect with them.


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